Restaurants You Can’t Miss On A Teton Valley Vacation


A vacation at Henderson Creek Lodge would not be complete without exploring some local flavor.  There’s lots of great restaurants in Victor, Driggs, and Jackson Hole.  These restaurants are some of my favorites and locals enjoy them too.  If I were on vacation in Teton Valley Idaho I’d probably go to some of these restaurants more than once.  In fact, even if I were on vacation in nearby Jackson Hole, I’d be sure to enjoy some of the Teton Valley restaurants too!



Sun Dog Café
Restaurant Review: Great Breakfast & Great Dinner – But Don’t Miss the Breakfast!
Sun Dog Café was just re-opened by the former executive chef from South Fork Lodge (located just outside Teton Valley).  This restaurant has the best biscuits and gravy I have ever had.  And it’s cheap!  They also have some of the best eggs benedict, using succulent tenderloin instead of Canadian bacon for a scrumptious western twist. The french toast is to die for — coated in a corn flake batter then pan fried til it’s light crisp and golden brown with coating a fluffy, yet hearty, and rich tasting mouthful. And if you’re looking for the best puff pastry around, be sure to try out a turnover, crisp and fluffy pastry made from hundreds of paper-thin layers of delicate dough surrounding just a smidgen of sweet raspberry preserves with perfect tart highlights. These folks do a great job putting together a quality breakfast menu for a bargain price.  For dinner, this Teton Valley restaurant’s meals are great — but dinner isn’t served every night.  Last time I enjoyed a pork osso-buco – a braised pork shank served in is scrumptious braising liquid.  A real treat!   Sun Dog Café is located in downtown Victor.   

Restaurant Review: Great Dinner – Great Cheesesteak – And Softserve Ice Cream!
Scratch is part of the slow-food movement.  Good food cooked right, not fast.  I personally love the cheesesteak – they use Cheese Wiz, like you’re supposed to (who would of thought someone in Teton Valley would know!) and they toast the bun right – so you bite into a fresh soft bun with a delicate and thin layer of brown toast.  But everything here is good – there’s a lot of great comfort items like pierogies (a polish-style dumpling filled with meat or potatoes – another “who would of thought” in Teton Valley), gyros, and burgers – some healthier stuff like falafel and a mache (a delicious mild green with hints of pepper and onion) salad, and full meals like schnitzel.  I’ve never been disappointed here!  If you’re looking for a soft-serve ice-cream or a burger that’s made fast and cheap – go around to he back of scratch where you’ll find Twist.  Twist offers some great deals – if you don’t have time to appreciate the goodness of slow, proper cooking.

Wildlife Brewery
Restaurant Review: The Best Pizza In The Jackson Hole and Teton Valley Region
Wildlife Brewery has what I consider to be the best pizza in the Jackson Hole and Teton Valley region. My favorites are the cheese-steak pizza served in a white sauce and the four-cheese pizza.  The cheesesteak is a wonderful mix of steak slices, green pepper, and onion in a creamy alfredo sauce.  The four-cheese is an outstanding pizza with four cheeses — including dollups of cream cheese! (well actually I could do without the cream cheese, but it’s still a favroite of mine) Wildlife has cheap specials on slices and beers from 4-6 pm.  They also have some of the best local brews around.  Wildlife Brewery is located in downtown Victor.

Teton Thai
Restaurant Review: An Absolute Standout You Wouldn’t Expect in Teton Valley Idaho
This place is great – no, actually it’s beyond great. Wonderful, authentic, Thai food served in a hip atmosphere.  Teton Thai takes the cake for delivering on the best “who would of thought” in Teton Valley.  Locals were excited when Teton Thai opened their second restaurant here in downtown Victor (and have sinced moved to downtown Drigss) because their first restaurant in Jackson Hole has always been a favorite.  I enjoy all their curries and noodle dishes.  It’s the first place in the region to serve a Massaman curry — a brown curry with overlays of peanut flavor.

Pendl’s Bakery
Restaurant Review: Great Quiche For Real Men
Pendl’s is a bakery and café located in Driggs.  They have great coffee and a delightful selection of sweet and savory baked goods prepared fresh daily.  They have sandwich specials at lunch.  This place is a favorite of Teton Valley locals.  For a heartier breakfast, they serve delightful little quiches and savories — puff-pastry wrapping fillings like ham & cheese.  My favorite is probably the German chocolate brownie — a rich chocolate brownie with a coconut frosting (although my good German friend protests there is absolutely nothing Teutonic about it!)

The Knotty Pine
Restaurant Review: The Best BBQ Deal

The Knotty Pine has some great BBQ.  I particularly like the BBQ combo plates – lots of meat served with 2 sides at a great price.  Other menu items are great too, but I think the Knotty is the best BBQ in Victor.  The Knotty Pine is located in downtown Victor.  This place epitomizes Teton Valley – a must visit.

Grumpy’s Goat Shack
Restaurant Review: Great Lunch When a Burger Won’t Cut It
Grumpy’s serves some delicious hot dogs in a tiny place in the center of Victor.  You can get them with chili, red hots and a bunch of other stuff.  Definitely a pleasure to be able to get a great dog without going to a hot dog cart in a major city.  Another “who would of thought” in Teton Valley.  You can also enjoy a beer here.  Bring cash, because credit cards are NOT accepted.

Cocoa Grove
Restaurant Review: Heart-warming, Delicious, Decadent Goodness Perfect After Skiing
Cocoa Grove has some of the best hot chocolate I’ve had.   In fact it beats my new second best, rich hot Belgian chocolate sold in Salt Lake by a Belgian native that is true to his grandmothers creamy, velvety to the touch, tongue-coating, secret chocolate recipe. That’s right, Cocoa Grove’s hot chocolate is all that and even better.  More decadent, more rich, a deeper chocolate mouthful with rich earthy overtones.  They do a bunch of different flavors too but my favorite is the Tres Amigos — Mexican chocolate with chili powder.  Just like Montezuma used to drink.  Be sure to take the kids here apres ski, and you’ll have an excuse to fill your heart with a warm indulgence too!  Cocoa Grove is located in Driggs in the same mini-mall as Broulim’s Grocery Store.

Miso Hungry
Restaurant Review: Eclectic Fare From a Real New Yorker
New York City has always been a melting pot of great cuisine and great home cooking — comfort food from around the world.  The emphasis here is Greek and Italian.  But I was really happy to see how healthy everything was.  To be honest, I haven’t been to Miso Hungry in awhile because I’m not in Driggs as much these days.  So, unfortunately I can’t remember my favorite menu items.  But Marie’s a great restauranter and gives everyone such a warm welcome that you just can’t miss eating here if you want to experience everything that makes Teton Valley special.

Cheeseburger Factory
Restaurant Review: Smalltown Americana
The Cheeseburger is back in Victor, Idaho.  This was a fixture back in the day.  And I’m happy it’s back.  I just haven’t had a chance to get in the door, but I’m trying to get back there!

 Broulim’s Deli
Restaurant Review: Just Plain Cheap.
Broulim’s is a grocery store — so I hesitate to list them on equal footing with restaurants.  And for the benefit of restaurant owners listed above, I always encourage guests to patronize restaurants in Teton Valley.  But if you’re trying to save money and already decided you were going to make lunch yourself, then you should check out the deli at Broulim’s as an alternative.  Great fried chicken, and on the right day’s you can have my favorite — tater-tot pie, kind of a take on shephards pie — ground beef in a thick gravy covered by tater tots and melted cheese.  It’s the strangest thing you may see in the deli counter, but absolutely delicious.