It’s Like Disneyworld Outdoors! What A Great Secret of Jackson Hole

Top 10 Reasons Why Henderson Creek Lodge Is In Disneyworld Outdoors


“It’s like Disneyworld Outdoors” – that’s what a lot of families say after visiting this secret place of Jackson Hole!


And that’s probably why Driggs, Idaho was named one of the Top 100 Adventure Towns in the United States by National Geographic.  According to National Geographic, Driggs (and rightfully all of Teton Valley) is morphing out of the shadow of Jackson Hole, Wyoming to become an outdoor adventure capital in its own right.  For years locals hava called Teton Valley Idaho like “Disneyworld Outdoors” and now this upcoming area is getting the global recognition it deserves.  Read what National Geographic had to say here.


Do you enjoy vacationing off the beaten track, away from the crowds, close enough to be in all the excitement and fun, but where you can still discover and enjoy some peaceful scenery?  Want to participate in activities that almost all visitors to Jackson Hole never experience, then come see why Teton Valley Idaho is the secret of Jackson Hole waiting to be discovered by people just like you!   And, Henderson Creek Lodge is an ideal place to live in luxury while you do it, all without breaking the bank.


So here are the Top 10 reasons that make us the center of Disneyworld Outdoors.


1. Disneyworld Outdoors Has Something For Everyone In The Family

Just like Disneyworld, Teton Valley offers something for everyone in the family.  Outdoor sports, recreational opportunities, pampering spa treatments, great tasting food, opportunities to learn new things, chances to meet new people, and a welcoming home town feel.

2. Disneyworld Outdoors  Has Accommodations For Any Budget – Luxurious To Thrifty

Whether you want the comforts of a luxurious home like Henderson Creek Lodge, the full service pampering of a resort spa like Teton Springs Resort and Spa, a cozy and comfortable bed & breakfast, a budget hotel room with no frills like Super 8, or just a place to setup a tent or park an RV, you’ll find it here in Teton Valley.

3. Disneyworld Outdoors  Has The Best  Slice Of Americana  – The Victor 4th Of July Parade

Want to escape to a place in America that still remembers mom & apple pie?  Then experience the Fourth Of July in Victor Idaho.  This is a real old-fashioned, hometown All-American event.  Ride one of over 20 balloons in the Annual Balloon Festival in nearby Driggs, see a parade with hundreds of homemade floats, enjoy a crispy corndog, fluffy cotton candy, or a delicious Huckleberry milk shake with some of the most friendly people in America.

4. Disneyworld Outdoors  Has Friendly People And Characters

In Teton Valley Idaho we have access to all the great outdoor activities of Jackson Hole, but with a lot less stress.  And that means you’ll find friendly people who take the time to say hello and make sure you’re having a great time. A great community can help make you’ll feel at-ease, and not stressed, during your vacation.  So stay out of the hustle and bustle, enjoy the hospitality of Disneyworld Outdoors, and see why this is Jackson Hole’s best kept secret.

5. Disneyworld Outdoors  Has Year-Round Activities

You’ll find things to do during all four seasons in Teton Valley.  We’re close to two National Parks, Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park.   That’s because we are at the center of the Yellowstone Grand Teton Loop Scenic Byway.  We’re close to two premier destination ski and snowboard resorts, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and Grand Targhee.  And we’re also close to one of the most challenging hometown resorts, Snow King Resort in Jackson, Wyoming.  Ski and/or snowboard one of the many resorts, take a guided backcountry tour to get some less-tracked snow, and if you’re looking for a real, untracked, powder experience, try heli-skiing or more budget friendly cat-skiing.  We have some real nice snowmobile terrain.  And we have loads of trails for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing.   And if you stay at the best places in Teton Valley, you’ll enjoy an inviting hottuib to relax your muscles, like the one here at Henderson Creek Lodge. In the summer you’ll find plenty of hiking, wildlife viewing, mountain biking, fly fishing, kayaking, rafting, dirt biking, ATV riding.  There’s hot springs to soak in when you want to relax.  Take a horseback ride with Teton Meadows Ranch, owned by a family who first settled this area and mingled among Native Americans.  Visit an Elk Farm.  And if that’s still not enough for you, take a day trip to Island Park, Idaho, West Yellowstone, Montana or Jackson, Wyoming, or Idaho Falls, Idaho.  In these nearby locations you’ll find even more outdoor activities, fabulous museums, and an IMAX theatre.

6. Disneyworld Outdoors Has Lots of Arts

Check in many restaurants and stores in Teton Valley and you are bound to find local artists displaying their works.  Wildlife Brewery is just one such place.  And there are many more, from furniture makers, to photographers, to glass blowers, to stand alone galleries, and Contemporary American Fold Art.  You’ll find many off the beaten track artists here in Teton Valley .

7. Disneyworld Outdoors Has Yummy Food

One of the highlights about the real Disneyworld is the food.  And Disneyworld Outdoors has its own share of top rated chefs right here in Teton Valley.  Great meals abound whether you’re looking for haute cuisine or western country goodness, ethnic or traditional, vegan or regional game, slow food or fast, decadent or healthy.  Henderson Creek Lodge has made some recommendations for our guests here.

8. Disneyworld Outdoors Is a Central Location For Geotourism

Geotourism is designed to sustain and/or enhance the geographical character of a place – things like it’s culture, environment, and heritage.  With so many outdoor enthusiasts that care about the wildlife, hunting, sports, fishing, trails, views, clean air, and unpolluted night skies, Teton Valley is the perfect place to host the forthcoming National Geographic Geotourism Center.   And what better place for this premiere attraction than Disneyworld Outdoors.  But did you know Teton Valley, also known as Pierre’s Hole, was site of one of the largest ever mountain man rendezvous in 1832?  Did you know the Victor Train Depot used to be the primary way for visitors to access Jackson Hole and Yellowstone National Park?  Teton Valley has a rich cultural history and heritage epitomizes key aspects the Geotourism seeks to preserve and enhance.

9. Disneyworld Outdoors Is Eco-Friendly

With a beautiful environment at the doorstep, much of the community of Disneyworld Outdoors is committed to eco-friendly initiatives.    The Yellowstone Business Partnership, with offices here in Driggs Idaho, is a powerhouse of ideas for a sustainable future.  There are local builders committed to green building practices and incorporating the latest best practices in area homes and buildings.  And, Grand Targhee, who is committed to being a leader in sustainability, is the first North American organization to perform an in-depth inventory of greenhouse gas emissions and receive the NSAA Clif Bar Golden Eagle Award for Overall Environmental Excellence.

10. Disneyworld Outdoors Has Some of the Most Craft Brewers Per Capita

The states with the highest concentration of Craft Brewers, also known as micro-breweries, had 20 brewers per million people.  Well, little Victor, Idaho located here in Disneyworld Outdoors and  with a population of just under 1,200 has 2 breweries – that’s equivalent to 1,667 per million people.  That’s 8,335% higher than some of the top ranked states.  Be sure to visit Wildlife Brewery and take a tour of Grand Teton Brewing.